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Lisa Landry

They had her at “Prendiamo un bel’ café” (let’s have a beautiful cup of coffee). Living in Italy and working as translator and writer at the RAI, Italy’s broadcasting station, coffee was ritual and survival. They were right. It was beautiful. Baristas hand-pulling espressos on gorgeous lever machines, clinking cups on a zinc bar, and jostling customers making pronouncements on the ristretto or the crema.
Her love of tea began in India in the beautiful tea gardens in the foothills of the Himalayas and humble roadside tea houses. It grew in Turkey where tea, served in lovely tulip glasses, is seemingly everywhere, from taxi stand to impossibly small tables in doorways to gardens dedicated to tea and backgammon.
 It’s these feelings of communal life and simple sharing that inspired Six Depot—a place for people to come together, discuss the trivial and profound, debate and laugh, play music and backgammon. She brought her 20-year career as Art Director and Creative Director in New York City to the Berkshires, establishing Six Depot’s brand, which has won awards and is now carried nationwide. She also opened Six Depot Gallery which houses changing art exhibits, concerts, dances, films, parties and more. She travels multiple times a year with her husband, Flavio, to origin countries to taste and select the best coffees and teas