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Flavio Lichtenthal

Flavio's love of coffee began at 13 in the pool halls of Buenos Aires, his native city. These dark places, filled with men arguing about the latest soccer trade while drinking dark espressos, held a greater fascination for him than 7th grade algebra.
Years later, a singer-songwriter in New York, he supplemented his income by working in some of the cities’ most successful restaurants, including Carmine’s and Al di La in Brooklyn. There, his love of food caught up with his love of music.
Fifteen years ago he and his family left the city and moved to the Berkshires, settling in at Gould Farm where they both lived and worked on the farm. As chef and food operations manager for its 100-person community, he was graced with the freshest food imaginable—grown on the 650-acre farm of vegetable gardens, dairy operations, cows, pigs and chickens, a bakery and even a roadside diner.
Coffee roasting became the natural outcome of his love of cooking and his love of music. He approaches roasting like cooking, using intuition, eyes, smell and ears; and he approaches blending beans like mixing music till it has just the right amount of bass and treble. He travels regularly, with wife Lisa, to source the most sustainable, unique and delicious coffee direct from origin.